When Should You Sell Your Used Car which you bought as New?

Published by: AutoBuy-08/08/2017

sell your used car

If you expect a simple answer for this question, then there’s only one answer. Sell it if you feel like selling it. That’s actually the best piece of advice we can give you. But if you want to give reasons to yourself and others for selling a car which you bought as brand new, then here are few reasons why you should.

These factors are mentioned here considering the roads of the United States and the generic wear and tear a vehicle would undergo. If you are living in a different part of the world, the wear and tear on your vehicle would significantly differ.

Here are the reasons why you should sell your used car.

1. Wasn’t as good as expected

This is actually a very difficult decision to make. Some even say that you would grow into liking it, but to me this a tough call everybody should make. May be once in a thousand cars or a million cars lands up with you and has fault. When your car does not perform the way it should. You should probably take it back to the showroom and get a replacement. If it has disappointed in terms of performance, or if you think you have just made a bad decision to purchase a vehicle, then you should sell it. This is simply because it is better to sell your vehicle than regret having it.

2. Crossed 5 years

A different state law applies on how long you can supposedly have an automobile, depending on the vehicle type. In general, 5 years is really long time to own a newly bought vehicle. If you aren’t going to get rid of your vehicle now, you probably never would. Nobody is going to purchase your vehicle for any valuable amount of money if it has crossed 5 years.

3. Crossed 100,000 miles

I do agree, trucks and tractor trailers can last for much longer than this. But for cars in general which are used by individuals and families, if you have driven a vehicle for over 100,000 miles, then you deserve to sell your car. Many experts even put the numbers between 60,000 – 75,000 miles. But I am calling 100,000 is an absolute must. It like an achievement and you should get a new car for that!

4. Loss in prime performance

If this is happening to you, then it is your car telling you to get rid of it. When your car is not delivering the prime performance it used to any longer, then you should sell it. Yes, it was a great car and you had a lot of fun with it. But its days are over and you should get a vehicle that’s powerful enough to keep you safe on the road. Safety is the primary priority in driving and it should be given the right importance.

5. Repairs too often

You would expect to enjoy your drive and it should not be something is always concerning. Here again it is a matter of road safety. A vehicle that keeps throwing up repairs may break down at any point anywhere and you wouldn’t want to get stranded or worse, get into an accident. Too many repairs would also mean too many unforeseen expenses. To avoid all these problems, it is good to sell your car.

Even if you are not part of any these reasons, and would love to get the money to purchase a new car, then we encourage you to do so. We would gladly purchase your used car and pay you the max for it. For over 20 years AUTOBUY has been paying the top dollar for used cars of all brands, makes, models, and mileage.

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