How I Discovered the Best Place to Sell My Car in Cutler Bay

Published by: AutoBuy-18/07/2017

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Living in Cutler Bay, I really loved driving cars and have bought and sold cars for the past ten years in the city. I have changed through the entire drill from hatchbacks in school to the branded sedans today, I have bought them and sold them on my own. For all I have sold 6 cars and learnt something new every time I bought and sold a car. This is about how I discovered the best place to sell my car in Cutler Bay.

The last car that I owned was a Honda Accord which I bought back in 2013, I had completed over 50,000 miles and I love to drive a lot as I said earlier. As usual I first did the appraisals to know about the price of my car. The KBB value as I lived in Cutler Bay was at $25,000. From my personal experience, I knew that was the max I could get for my vehicle in the used car market. So, I decided to get whatever that was there to get for my own. In other words, I planned to sell my car on my own.

Now with the average figure in mind, I started making plans for the car that I wanted to buy. So, I went through the choices from the family, and my wife wanted us to get an SUV as she already owned her Ford Focus. This need for the SUV, brought us to decide that we would go for a Jeep Cherokee and the best vehicle we could find had a price tag of $30,000.

With this I decided, if I had $10,000 as difference, I could sell my used Accord and purchase the new Cherokee. So, first up I called up a few friends who might be interested in purchasing my car. During one of those conversations, I had quoted my friend Brad a price of $21,000 for my used Cherokee. He said that’s a price that he couldn’t afford. But, he said, there is someone who he knows that might even pay me more for my Accord.

Curious, I asked my friend, who that was and I was surprised at the answer. It’s a name that I already seen before. It was AUTOBUY. But then I thought, how a big car buying company such as AUTOBUY would, afford to pay so much for a used vehicle. For that, my friend said, Just try them out.

So I decided to take my car for the appraisal and I thought it would take a long time. It usually was whenever I had taken used cars for appraisal. Again to my surprise, the buyer was completely professional, no small talk. He enquired about the documents, damages if any and that’s it. He went through his routine and in about 15 minutes, he made me an offer of $25,750. I was completely blown away!

If I remembered correctly, the KBB value of my car was lesser buy $750. Looking at my doubtful reaction, the appraiser said the offer stands for 5 days and I could check with other buyers as well. I knew what other buyers would pay me. I took the offer. Couple of papers to be signed, and finally in about 2 hours in all, they write me a check of $25,750 and I walked out a happy man.

If you are selling your used car in Cutler Bay, you should try AUTOBUY too.