Florida’s Largest Cash for Cars Company Comes to Orlando

Published by: AutoBuy-13/07/2017

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Our History

On 14th of July 2017, One of USA’s top car buying companies takes up a dedicated location in the City of Orlando, Florida. AUTOBUY is Florida’s largest car buying company that offers cash for cars. With no competition on sight, AUTOBUY has for the past 20 years expanded its services throughout South Florida. While AUTOBUY was already providing services at Orlando from nearby cities, now we have set up a dedicated location where residents of Orlando can enjoy all the services AUTOBUY has to offer.

What we do

Being Florida’s top car buyers, AUTOBUY already has stores in 6 cities in the state, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Melbourne, and Daytona. Over the years, AUTOBUY has served over 100,000+ happy customers and has become one of the renowned company that purchases used cars for cash.

With our services being liked by thousands of customers, we have continually expanded our services for the past 2 decades. Growing demand for our services in Orlando, and our drive to give the max price for used cars than anywhere in the country made us expand our services to the city a few years ago. The services we offered had no comparison and we soon became preferred cay buyers for many of the residents of Orlando, Florida. It was only a matter of time till we had our very own location dedicated for the city, and the time is now.

From A to Z in Automobiles

Residents of Orlando can now access the complete spectrum of services offered by AUTOBUY. We purchase all kinds of automobiles including Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, SUVs, Trucks, Campervans, Commercial Vehicles, Fleets, and even boats. Now Orlando’s citizens who have these vehicles can take advantage of the shop we have in their city to sell their automobiles for the max cash.

Free Appraisals

We also offer 20 minute appraisals for all kinds of used vehicles. You can now just drive in with your used vehicle and get it evaluated by AUTOBUY certified appraisers within minutes to know the value of your used car. Even if you don’t have plans to sell your vehicle, you can simply get to know the value of your vehicle and have an idea about how your vehicles will be appraised at AUTOBUY.

The best part is that the appraisal is free and it offer that we give holds good for 5 days. During which, you can check with other buyers and trade in dealers if we indeed pay max cash for your vehicle. We are confident that you would come back to us to sell your used car.

Max Advantage

Most of all you can now simply walk in with your vehicle, get appraised, complete paperwork, and walk out with your money all in one day with AUTOBUY’s shop in your own city. Your woes of finding the best cash for cars dealer in Orlando are finally over. If you are a resident of Orlando and you are thinking of selling your car, you won’t get a better time to do so.

Visit our website at wepaythemax.com or call us at 888-203-2131 today to sell your used car in Orlando, Florida for the max cash today!