5 Mistakes You shouldn’t do While Selling Your Used Car

Published by: AutoBuy-23/10/2017

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Selling your car is a complicated and difficult process and it takes a lot of time and effort to complete it successfully. While you may face lesser problems if you are selling it to a dealer or a large car buying company, it is quite complicated if you are selling your car on your own. Here there are only two parties involved – the buyer and you. When you search online, you may find many ways to successfully sell your used car on your own. But they don’t tell you what you shouldn’t be doing while you are selling your used car.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do while you are selling your used car. We are focusing on the state of Florida here but most of these points are acceptable across all states in USA.

False Advertising

This is a mistake many people who sell their cars on their own do. People think if you are advertising will all the fancy stuff like No accidents, no dents repaired, then you will be able to sell your car sooner and at a higher cost. But if the buyer is later able to find out that the car you had sold them was involved in an accident, then they will be able to sue your several thousands to several millions depending on the claim you have made and how they discovered it. Instead of false advertising, you can use Sales Puffery. Which is, using words like beautiful car, good performance; as it cannot be sued.

Not selling “as-is”

Many people make this mistake because they do not have a proper understanding of the term “as-is”. Technically it means you are selling the vehicle as is and you are not responsible for the repairs and damages which may occur over time. But there are other things you should consider. In some states, you must tell your buyer if your car had ever been in an accident. In case you don’t saying “they never asked” you stand to be sued for not disclosing vital information. So it is highly important to understand the term and sticking to the right verbatim while selling your used car.

Beware of Scams

There are many ways you can be scammed when you are selling your car on your own. Scammers are looking for new innovative ways to scam people who are selling used cars on their own. People will ask your for “flexibilities” and “options” to settle their payment for your vehicle. Some will claim to pay in checks and other currencies. You can be assured that if your buyer is not willing to pay in dollars and pay in full, they are probably trying to scam you. One way to avoid such scams is by asking for a complete payment in cash. Or, you can only let them take your vehicle only after they money has been credited in your account.

Not completing “paperwork”

It is certainly not coincidence that you find crimes being committed in vehicles whose titles have not been transferred completely. It doesn’t matter what excuse your buyer might have, you should completely transfer the paperwork and title registration before you hand over your vehicle. If the buyer is involved in a crime or in a accident in a car you have sold them without the transfer then you are the criminal. So, if you don’t mind incarcerated for others’ crimes, then you don’t have to complete the paper of your used car sale.

Settling for less

Many who choose to sell their used car on their own, get frustrated after a while when their car remains unsold. Every person who inspects your car takes a test drive has found a new problem in your vehicle and have put thoughts in your head about your car’s value. Suddenly you might feel that you have priced your vehicle too much and decide to settle for less. We advice your never to do this unless you have proper estimate for your vehicle. Moreover, why settle for less when you can sell for max cash in an instant?

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