Is Selling Your Used Car on Auction the Best Way to Sell in Florida?

Published by: AutoBuy-30/03/2017

Florida car Auctions

Selling cars at an auction has become the latest trend among used car owners in Florida. This seems to be a lucrative option as it has more known benefits when compared to selling your car on your own or selling it through a dealer. The major deciding factor in favor of auctions comes with the way cars are valued at the auction. As used car sales statistics in Florida show, a car that is sold at an auction gets a much higher value than those car that are sold to dealerships.

Used cars are generally evaluated based on a set of criteria that includes mileage, make, model, damages that it might have suffered, and any major repairs that were undertaken. After this, your car would be compared with a car in the similar brand and model and its price. There are also other ways which car buyers use to evaluate used vehicles. Another famous online estimation site is the Kelly Blue Book. However, KBB values are usually overrated and sellers never manage to sell their cars for the KBB value.

People with the intention of selling their used cars could use the KBB value as an average or a benchmark to help them decide on the selling price. Now we can compare how auctioning stands up to the other selling options. When you are selling your car to a dealer, they dealer would incur expenses to spruce up your vehicle, fix damages if any and also take dealership fee. Adding all these factors together, there is very little chance that you’ll be able to sell your car for the value you had expected.

Compared to the trade in option, auctions have a significant advantage, as you don’t have to pay a dealership fee. An added advantage is the option of escaping from the burden of sales tax if you choose to sell your car the auction way. On the downside, auctions are much slower and consumes a whole lot more time for processing. There is no fixed timeframe when you’ll be able to get the money for your used car.

If the car seller weighs the pros and cons against each other, an auction still seems to be the better way to sell your used car in Florida. However, there is an even better option. You can choose to sell your car directly to a major car buying company. These car buying companies have well-established appraisal methods which help ensure easy and quick processing. When you are selling your car on direct, you can be assured of a fixed timeline as to when you would get your money. But, the time span from selling your car to getting your money differs with each car buying company.

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