Summer Car Tips

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As any Floridian knows, summer, while fun, can be killer on your car for many reasons, not least of which is the glaring sun. So keep your vehicle in top condition with these quick and easy summer car tips from AUTOBUY!

Engine Temperature

Overheating is bound to be the most common issue for any Floridian motorists during the summer months, as it is also very easy to forget to be on top of keeping your car’s cooling system well supplied with coolant. Rule of thumb here is to completely flush the coolant and refill it every 24 hours, keeping a mix of antifreeze and distilled water with a 50/50 ratio. Keep in mind that you should never remove the radiator cap unless the engine has completely cooled.

Tire Pressue

The extreme heat on the road causes the air in your tires to expand, so it is important to check the pressure prior to heading out, when they are cool. Adequate pressure should be based on the recommendations for your vehicle (check owner’s manual or the label on the car door jamb) rather than that listed on the tire’s sidewall. This will help you avoid heat-induced blowouts.

Battery Life

Excessive heat can evaporate battery fluid, considerably shortening its life and viability. While it can be difficult to prevent this in the Summer heat, having a well-running cooling system lessens the likelihood of it. A recommended summer car tip is to have the electrical system checked by a professional to ensure that the battery is being charged at an adequate rate so that it won’t affect its structure and impact its life. Additionally, keeping the battery clean is helpful in maintaining it as dirt and corrosion around the contacts can act as a conductor, which drains the battery over time.

Summer Car Tips

There are many other summer car tips to protect your car and keep it running smoothly in the summer heat, but keeping the above summer car tips present should save you a lot of trouble so you can enjoy the season!  Visit the AUTOBUY blog next week for more summer car tips!