Who do you sell Your Car to in Orlando Florida?

Published by: AutoBuy-15/12/2016

sell your car orlando

For residents in Orlando, Florida, the prospect of selling your car is a daunting one. There are many ways you could be cheated or fleeced while selling your used car.

If you sell in on your own, there are many chances for you to be forced to sell your car for much lower than your market value. There are many dealers disguised as normal people interested in buying your car who possess the skills to make you sell your car for a lower value.

So how do you decide who to sell your car to in Orlando Florida?

Here are few pointers to help you decide on who sell your used cars in Orlando.

The Max Value

When you are selling your car, you must sell it to the person who would pay you the max value. While every dealer and business claiming to offer the highest value should take time to decide which one is the right offer.

It is always good to get more than 2-3 estimates on the value of your car at the least before selling it to the highest bidder.


Many businesses who buy used cars would ask you to get your vehicle to their location and an inspection and evaluation, before making an offer on your vehicle.

This would cost you immense time and effort to get your vehicle evaluated. Find a place where the buyer would come to a location of your choice to appraise your vehicle at a time of your convenience.

Reputation and Trust

When you are selling your used car for cash, you need to sell to a person with a good reputation to avoid unwanted problems later on. Find a famous or leading used car buyer who has bought over 5000 cars in their experience.

Experienced dealers would most commonly take your car for a higher value as well. Just one thing to be wary about big car dealers, as the usually have a fixed price for a make or a model and this might be lesser than your car’s actual market price.

Range of Vehicles Bought

While you may actually sell only the used car or vehicle you own, it is always good to know if the used car buyers are experienced in buying all kinds of vehicles.

This prompts that they are adept in the business and are more likely to give you a professional experience.

The Verdict

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