Sell Your Car at The Right Time

Published by: AutoBuy-15/09/2016

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We all buy cars that we love and hope to enjoy for many years to come. But let’s face reality: at some point, we may need to sell a car. When to sell your car, and who to sell your car to, are very important decisions, if you want to receive the maximum possible payment.

You may ask, “When is this the right time to sell my car?

The answer depends in part on the type of vehicle you wish to sell.

4WDs and SUVs have enough power to get you through the toughest roads, but they tend to consume a lot of gas. They sell for the maximum amounts when gas prices are low, and during winters when there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground. As the phrase goes “when going gets tough, tough gets going.”

Hybrid and luxury cars tend to sell for the highest amounts during the winter holiday season, and during summer.

Commuter cars sell for a high amounts during the peak times of the business year (not during the summer, for example). Many people buy a used car for their daily commuting to work.

Other factors: Warrantees, Service costs, etc.

The manufacturer’s warranty is like a timer for your car. Warranties tend to expire when your car is around 3-4 years old. It is said that when a car is 3 years old, or has travelled 60,000 miles, you should change your timing belt, tires, brakes etc. However, replacing these parts does not come cheap.Is it wise to spend a ton of money on a car that is going to deprecate 70% in six years? The answer generally is, "No!" You get the most for your car when it’s low on miles, and 3-4 years old.

However -- Most of us buy cars through finance or lease. The car is not yours to sell until you pay off the loan. When you finally pay off the loan and own a car that is 4+ years old, you may find that a lot of service costs for your car may be coming up. So for maximum benefit to you, you want to sell your car after the loan is paid off, but before major service costs arise.

Finally, the question is, “Where can I sell my car for the maximum amount?”

The first place people turn to nowadays is the internet. They search phrases such as

  • Car buying websites
  • Who buys used car?
  • Where can I sell my car?
  • How to sell my car?

They see millions of results. They get worried and wonder, "Are the offers genuine? Is it safe for me to sell my car online?"

The Internet nowadays has become a neighborhood of bargainers. Individuals and companies spend large amounts of money to advertise that they want to buy and sell things. When potential buyers and sellers get connect, there is often an exhausting and stressful bargaining process. The paperwork involved in transferring ownership of expensive items is also often confusing and stressful.

You may ask, "Is there a genuine company out there that could buy my car, with no hassles"?

The answer is AutoBuy. AutoBuy is a leading car-buying company in South Florida. The process is fast and simple. All they do is buy cars -- they don’t want to sell anything to you.

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