How to Keep Your Car Safe through the Winter

Published by: AutoBuy-28/11/2017

winter car tips

The tendency with humans is that we make things just like us to do our job. Cars are no different and just like us, they are prone to wear and tear. They are also prone to changes in the weather and the climate. We are past thanksgiving now and in many places across the United States, winter has well and truly set in. Every winter, people gets stranded in their vehicles because it breaks down because of the weather. It could be a traumatic experience to get stranded in the winter.

A great way to avoid such traumatic situations would be to keep your car in top shape. There are many things you can do to keep your car in perfect shape throughout the winter. Experts say that many of the issues in the vehicles than happen during winter aren’t major and it could have been prevented with the right precautionary measures. Some of the reasons are more common than others and it is always the simplest ones that people miss out on.

Here in AUTOBUY, we have unrivaled experience about cars. When you are a company that has bought over 100,000 cars, you understand cars like nobody else does. Here are the top 5 tips to keep your car safe through the winter.

Tire and Tire Pressure

Drop in temperatures results in reduction of air pressure inside the tires. Cold weather usually has this effect on the tires. We have already spoken about the importance of maintaining the right tire pressure as an overinflated or an underinflated tire does not perform as the tire should. When you are driving on icy and cold roads, you should be confident about the tires and it is the number 1 safety concern. In many cases, having an all-weather tire must be sufficient if it is maintained properly. But if you are living up north where temperatures regularly fall below zero, it is advisable that you have a separate set of winter tires for your car.

Windshield and Wiper

Cold weather could sometimes create or aggravate any cracks or chips in your windshield. A broken windshield could be the horror story of your life. So, it is important to check for cracks and chips in the windshield. It is recommended to get it checked by an expert as you wouldn’t be able to make sure if the cracks could be repaired. Changing the wiper will help in many ways as it could handle the snow much better in keeping your windshield, clean and safe. One more important aspect about wiper is the wiper fluid. Many people don’t use antifreeze mixture in their wiper fluid. Ensure that your wiper fluid is filled and is mixed with the right proportion of anti-free as well.

Headlights and Break Lights

Be it day or night, you would understand the importance of having powerful and functional headlights if you have driven through snow or fog. Ensuring that your headlights are functioning properly not just improves your safety, but for other road users as well as they can see you better. This is not just for headlights, but for brake lights and indicators as well. Sometimes weather can have an impact of the covering on the headlights. It could appear misty or hazy. Fixing this is quite simple. With the right kit and information, you can do it yourself. You can also take it to a service station to get a thorough and professional cleaning.

Take it to the spa

Yes, before you put your car through the ice and snow, show some love. It is a great idea to clean your interiors before the winter sets in. Clean and dry interiors could make your drive more pleasant. Another must do tip to protect your vehicle before winter would be to wax the exteriors. We all know that rock salt is required in massive amounts to keep the roads drivable during the winter. But salt is also highly corrosive and continuous exposure it could have devastating effects on your car. Waxing your car’s exteriors could minimize the impact of salt on your car.

The Batteries

This is the most important tip that everyone must do during winter. Not taking proper care of your battery is the primary reason why most people get stranded in the winter. The capacity and performance of car batteries significantly reduce during the cold winters. You should get your battery checked by the experts to ensure it delivers peak performance. Always do carry jumper cables with you especially during the winters to help you jump start your car. You can also be a Good Samaritan and help others who stranded by jump starting their car as well.

Finally, if your car is too old and you think it won’t be able to handle the winter, you can sell it and purchase a new car and save yourself the trouble of winterizing it. Whatever the season may be, you can always sell your car for the max cash only at AUTOBUY. Visit our website now.