How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Car after a Flood?

Published by: AutoBuy-12/10/2017

flooded cars

Floods and cars being washed away were long and distant stories that never really affected us. But, with the effects of Global Warming becoming more evident, the south eastern coast of United Stated has seen two hurricanes already in 2017, and might as well have third one forming in Gulf this week. Recent reports from Irma’s destruction in Florida, have estimates claiming over 700,000 cars being damaged. Given that sometimes we cannot act against natural disasters, we certainly can prevent damages and minimize them. So what are the ways to prevent water damage in your car after a flood?

An Elevated Parking

Some smart people in the coastal cities of Florida where flooding was quite imminent, found a unique way to save their cars. This was quite viral on the internet later on and you may have hard time repeating what they did. What did they do? Simple they parked their cars on the top floors of multi-storey parking lots to prevent flooding. You don’t have to repeat the same, but what you can take from here is that you can park your cars in elevated spots where there is a lesser chance of flooding.

How much was the water level

Well, cars can get sunk into water to a certain extent and sometimes you don’t have to totally trash your car for minimum damage. Sometimes your first steps can save a lot of money and time in getting your car back on the road. Your car’s electronics are placed at a certain height. When your water hasn’t reached that height then your car is probably 90% safe to drive. You can quickly move it if you can out of the flooded place and call in roadside assistance to get it fixed and going.

Identifying the Damage

Like I said in the earlier point, your car’s electronics play an very important role in water damage. But things like the central locking system, car’s entertainment system, gps, are also prone to water damage. You should have a professional come in and check the level of water damage that has happened to your car. Looking at your Fuel tank and engine oil levels are also highly important to check if the water had flooded in there as well. Each would have different consequences and should be addressed differently. That is why you get in a professional to check it.

The Interiors

Flood water damages the interiors more than anything in the car. The amount of fabric in your interiors, automatic window controls, insulations, seats, and any place that can hold water could be damaged. You should ensure that your interiors are cleaned thoroughly and the insulation replaced and all of the interiors completely dried out. This will prevent rust and serious damage in the long term. Rust will also highly reduce the value of your car when you are selling it.

Once you have got your flooded car back to running condition you can use it as you wish. But many would suggest that you do not hold it with you for a long time. Once it is back to normal, enjoy it as much as you wish and then sell it. You never know what might go in flood damaged car and when. If you had your insurance agent inspect it, then it would be marked as salvaged and you would get only scrap value for it.

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