5 Simple Tips to Keep the Interior of Your Car Sparkling Clean

Published by: AutoBuy-26/07/2017

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We all know how to clean the exteriors of our cars. For many, all it takes for getting their car’s exterior clean is just drive to car wash. You can get your car washed, cleaned, polished, and details making it look sparkly clean on the outside. But many of us almost ignore cleaning the interiors of our cars until it is too late. Keeping your car’s interiors is even more important as it directly affects your health and safety. Here are 5 simple tips that would help you keep your car interiors sparkling clean.

Not just from cleanliness and health point of view, a clean and shiny car interiors will also boost the look of your vehicle and make you feel more comfortable and at home within your vehicle.


The first step to cleaning your car begins with arranging the different objects in your car that lay cluttered. You can dump the waste papers and the litter. You could also arrange the other important materials that have been messing up your vehicle. This would reveal the dust and dirt inside your vehicle and also give you a clear idea about how dirty your car is.


Vacuuming is the simply the best and easiest way to clean the interiors of your vehicle. It not just helps you to clean the rugs and the floor mats, it also helps remove the dust from the seats as well. A good power vacuum cleaner with long hose will help you with cleaning even the nook and corners of your vehicle. Vacuuming also helps in the disinfecting part of your cleaning as it removes most of the allergy causing dust and germs. If you don’t own a Vacuum cleaner on your own, there are many car wash places which have a coin operated Vacuum which can be put to good use.

Fabric and Leather Upholstery

Fabric and leathers are two of the most common components of your car’s interior. There are numerous products available in the market. Some of them may be highly priced but you are not paying for single use. There products last a long time and some even for years so purchasing leather and fabric upholstery products will serve you well in the long term to keep the interiors of your car clean. You can use these products to clean the trim, steering, the seats and sometimes even the door handles and other parts of the door as well.

Dashboard Cleaning

This is one of the most used parts of your car’s interiors. You will always have an eye on the dashboard while on the drive. But, ironically the dash board is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning interiors. If you pay close attention to the dials, and the screen, you can definitely spot dust that has collected there. If you are using a car with digital display, you can use of the LCD or computer screen cleaning sprays and the wipes to clean the dashboard. I’m sure you will feel better when the dash board looks sparkling clean.


There are many ways for bad odor to collect in your car. You may have had food, your rugs might have collected dirt, someone might step on something disgusting before entering your car, and even your pets can create an odor. As the final step in cleaning your car, you have to use a good deodorizer. Perfumes are good but only a deodorizer will help remove the stink from your car. You may choose to any perfume you like after that, but just to make your driving experience more pleasant, you can use deodorizer that’s similar to your perfume.

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