How to get a better car trade in value?

Published by: AutoBuy-14/10/2016

car trading

People trade in their cars most commonly while buying a new vehicle. There are many advantages of trading in your car for a new one. Most people, who are looking to buy a new car, would usually sell their old car before buying the new one.

Here we consider two ways to sell your car, either to sell it or trade in. We will also be considering how you could possibly get a better-deal while trading in your used car.

Selling your car by yourself would require patience, commitment which includes cancellation of your usual routine, and most importantly good negotiation skills.

A witty wheeler dealer may convince you to sell your at a price that is probably much lesser than its market value, so a good understanding of the market value of your used car is also vital.

Compared to this, trading in your car with a dealer would save you the trouble.

Trading in your car has many advantages. A certified dealer would never fleece you, and take your car for a lower price as it would damage their reputation.

Secondly, you have a better chance of getting a good price for your new car. You use the value of the car you are trading in to negotiate on the price of the car you are purchasing.

Finally, trading in your car would make the tax on your new car cost lesser. When your car is traded in, the price of your used car would be deducted against the price of the new car.

With this, you will end up paying only a portion of the tax for your new car.

Here are few tips you could follow to get better car trade in value while trading

First and most importantly, study the market. Visit around a few shops, search online sites and find out the actually market value before trading in your used car.

Many car trading sites today have online appraisal for cars, this could give you a fair idea about how much your car is worth.

One major mistake most people make while trading in their car is to spend few bucks to remove dents, give it a paint job, new set of tires and making it sparklingly clean in hopes of getting a higher value.

This usually doesn’t work out, because the dealer would have found a much more cost-effective way than you to fix the car.

Another important aspect about trading in your car is to get your records ready. A car with complete service records almost certainly costs more than the one that doesn’t.

If you can prove that you have adequately maintained your car with the service records, then there are more chances that the dealer would setter for a price you desire.

One setback about trading in your car is that the dealer would almost certainly pay a lesser price than market value. This is because of the formalities associated with trading in your car.

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