Florida Summer Car Tips

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AUTOBUY wants to focus on Florida Summer Car Tips, practical survival car tips any brave soul in a Florida Summer should know.   These Florida Summer Car Tips will explain how to prevent burning your hands right off on your steering wheel, to how to deal with a broken AC unit, AUTOBUY’s got you covered!

Steering Wheel Hellfire

If you have spent more than one week in a Florida Summer this next Florida Summer Car Tip will provide to be valuable! Blisters, burns, and general pain await those who touch their steering wheels without some sort of buffer in the Florida Summer. But there’s another way to prevent this: just turn the steering wheel 180 degrees when you park so that the area you normally touch while driving is not hit directly by the sunlight. Easy! This can also be done with seatbelt buckles and any other car objects prone to becoming searing hot; hide them or cover them so you and your loved ones don’t end up with bad burns.

Proper Use of AC

So you couldn’t find a shaded place to park, or you did, but now the sun’s moved and your car’s been cooking under the glare for who knows how long. You open the doors and the wave of boiling air coming out of the interior is even worse than the unholy heat outside. Your first reaction may likely be to blast the AC on high from the dash vents, right? Florida Summer Car Tip, it would better to use only the floor vents first and blast that fan to expel the hot Florida Summer air out of the car. Using the intake air setting on the AC rather than the recycling setting for the first 10 minutes also makes the process of cooling the interior of your mobile oven faster.

Summer Heat & No AC

The combination of Summer heat and no AC in a car is surely cruel and unusual punishment? Well, sometimes life happens and we are forced to make the best of the situation. Underpowered or broken AC systems are a terrible torture in the summer heat, but if you’ve got no choice in the matter this next Florida Summer Car Tip is for you. A relatively cheap and easy alternative is a solar-powered fan, it helps expel hot air from the car, allows air to circulate and it uses the one thing in surplus in the summer heat: the sun!

Florida Summer Car Tips

The BEST Florida Summer Car Tip AUTOBUY can give is NEVER sell or trade your vehicle for the minimum, come to AUTOBUY for the MAX!