Car Radiator Tips

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Few things are as important as keeping your car’s engine temperature within acceptable levels, especially during the hot Floridian summer. As such, we would like to share some essential tips so that you can keep your vehicle cool and running as it should!

Radiator Fluids

Fluids are what keep your cooling system working, so it is of the utmost importance that these are maintained properly, especially under extreme heat conditions. A mixture of antifreeze and distilled water should be used, making it about half and half of each for optimal performance. Flushing the fluids out completely and refilling it about every 24 hours will ensure that your system will be well honed to take on the summer temperatures.

Hoses and Belt Maintenance

General wear and tear, as well as the incredible temperatures, can take a toll on the hoses and belts that help your radiator keep your car cool. Checking for leaks and breaks could help you prevent difficult if not deadly situations. If the engine is under ideal temperature and you can perceive an acrid smell from the engine, it is best to assume that you have a leak and should have a professional look it over and replace any damaged hoses. Scorch marks around the water pump as well as any hissing noises are telltales signs of leaks, as well.

Other Car Radiator Tips

There are other little details you can check yourself to make sure your cooling system is running well. Running your engine while not moving and keeping your eyes on the gauges to see any unusual changes like going in the red uncommonly soon (overheating), or having it heat up and having the fan not come on are both indicative of issues that require a pro’s look.

Remember that it never hurts to have your car looked at by a professional, especially if you’re planning a long trip or just extended use of your car during the summer months. It always pays to be prepared!