Demystifying Florida’s VIN – Everything You Need to Know!

Published by: AutoBuy-06/06/2017

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Like most things on this planet, cars are identified by the numbers assigned to them for identification. In the United States, all vehicles are identified with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is unique for every car and it is like the car’s fingerprint. It consists of 17 characters made up of numerals and capital letters to make up the identification number.

The VIN is used for various reasons, but mainly to identify the vehicle. VIN also contains information about the car’s unique features, manufacturer, and other specifications. They could be used to track recalls by the manufacturer, State registrations and titles, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance claims. VIN has evolved since its inception and made a major change after 1981 when the characters were increased from 12 to 17. This gave newer cars to carry more information about them in the VIN which was not available to cars manufactured and sold before 1980.

The VIN is placed at a strategic location within the vehicle where it could be easily accessible and yet not ease to be erased by wear and tear. In cars, the VIN could be found near the dashboard near the driver’s side of the vehicle. It is usually placed where the windshield meets the dashboard so it could be viewed from the outside as well. However, in some luxury cars and other vehicles, the VIN could be found on the door post on the driver’s side. It could be found in the place where to door slams shut.

Every state as their own VIN and that’s how the title plates of the vehicles are also issued. Same way Florida also follows certain VIN rules and regulations. All vehicles in Florida should be registered with the DHSMV. That includes new and used vehicles within Florida and also the ones that have an out of state title. However, if you have an out of state title vehicle, you need few things to get your VIN. They are your Florida State driving license, Florida insurance for your vehicle, and an official odometer running check along with an existing VIN check.

You will also be charged the fee for the service. You can get VIN registrations temporarily as well if you are looking to stay in the State and use the vehicle only for a couple of months. The vehicle registration fees will differ based on your type of vehicle and also if it is a commercial or a private vehicle. Once the registration is complete, you will issued a license plate. It could be customized of generic depending on the way you prefer.

When you are moving into Florida, they cost of registration and time spent on acquiring the VIN could be expensive. Instead, you could just choose to sell your car for cash. But who would buy your used vehicle? AUTOBUY is Florida’s largest car buying company and specialized in purchasing out of state titled vehicles for cash. So, instead of trying change your title, you can always sell your used car and purchase a new one with a Florida state title.

For more information about Florida’s VIN, visit which is the official site for the state. If you are looking to sell your car, please visit our website or just call us at 888-428-8381 right now!