5 Things to Check For Before Going on a Long Drive in Your Used Car

Published by: AutoBuy-18/08/2017

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On US roads, a average car is used in the city for short everyday commutes and for long drives on few occasions. There will always be wearing on your vehicle even if you are running only for short distances. So, when you are driving on the highway, especially on a used car, there are things you should check for. Some of these applies to all cars and not just used cars because safety is the utmost priority when you are on the road.

Here are few things you should check for before you embark on a long drive. Checking these things would not only keep you safe, it would make your long drive a lot more enjoyable and relaxing as you intended.

When was your last maintenance service?

A used car will be more susceptible to stress especially on long drives. Before going on a long drive is a good to check your car’s maintenance records. If you haven’t got your car serviced in a long time, you should get it serviced. Sometimes in used cars, even if your service is due by a couple of thousand miles, you can still do your maintenance as it would be a great way to check all the mechanical aspects of your car before your long drive and be assured.

Check your tires

Yes, it is a simple thing but you don’t want to be down on your long drive with a flat tire. Check all the tires for the right pressure. When in a used car, your tire might have had a fair bit of wear. If it hasn’t been changed in 20,000 miles, then you should change your tire. It would not only give you a safe drive, it would help save a lot of fuel as well. Most importantly, check that spare tire. No point having a deflated spare when you have a flat in the middle of nowhere. Check the tire changing tools and ensure you have all the tools and they are functioning properly.

Brake check

Many believe a used car’s breaks will always make creaking noises. I’ll tell your no car, especially a used car’s brakes should not be making any noises. If it is making a noise, then change your brake pads and/or the rotor. Check brake fluids as well. Most cars these days have a light to indicate if your brakes have a problem. If you see that indicator, get your car to a service station and fix the issue.

Vehicle Fluids

All your vehicle fluids should be checked and recommended levels should be ensured. In used cars, if your fluids are even a little low, top them up to be sure as used cars heat up faster. Don’t miss out on any fluid from your engine oil, coolant, and even your cleaning fluid. While checking for fluids check for leaks in the hosing and replace them if you find any. Checking your battery could also be in your fluid check routine as it wouldn’t take much time. But, in a used car, be extra sure of your battery and specifically if you are travelling cold places.

Vehicle Papers

When you are travelling down the road on a long drive, ensure you have all the necessary paper work associated with your vehicle. When you are travelling out of state in your used car, you might get pulled over for a general routine check. If you have all your papers, it wouldn’t be anything more than simple check. Some of the papers you should have are

  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle registration details
  • A driver’s license
  • Roadside assistance book and number

You could also include the owner’s manual and warranty information to be extra sure.

If you find maintaining your used car to be chore, or if your used car is making long drives uncomfortable, then it is probably the time to sell it.

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