Summer Car Tips Every Driver in Florida Should Know

Published by: AutoBuy-23/06/2017

 Summer car tips

Down south, Florida has some of the hottest and humid summer months in all of United States. Such heat and humidity takes a toll on all things from people to automobiles. You car should be in top condition in summer days as it is the season for vacations and road trips. This season also has its own demands on the vehicle and you should be ready. Summer is not the time when you would like to be stranded on the road as the heat is going to make your hate yourself.

However, we at AUTOBUY with our unparalleled experience in cars have few simple tips for our customers, especially those of you who live here in Florida. Follow these tips and you make your summer driving experience an enjoyable one.

Air Conditioning:

You would of course like to keep yourself cool inside the car as summer’s heat in Florida is notorious. A good air conditioning system is of primary importance. If your air conditioning system hasn’t been working well, you should check for leaks and fix it, refill Freon gas, and change filters to ensure minimum stress on the system while delivering maximum cooling.

Pro Tip: Keeping your windows slightly cracked open should provide some ventilation if your car is parked under the sun. It ensures that your car is not unbearably hot when you get back in.


Just like how we humans hydrate ourselves with water and keep our cool, the car cools itself through coolant fluids and engine oil. The engine oil reduces friction and reduces heat. The coolant ensures that your engine doesn’t over heat and remains in optimum temperature. Changing oil filters would also be of help as cleaner oil ensures better efficiency of the engine. During summer when the chances of your car overheating are the highest, ensuring right amount of fluids keeps your vehicle at top condition.


Your car’s battery is one of the most vital components. You would not be able to even start your vehicle without a proper functioning battery. During summer, especially when your vehicle is parked outside, the battery’s fluids could very easily evaporate. Check your battery and refill it with distilled water and ensure proper levels. You do not want to be stuck in a car that doesn’t start in a hot summer’s day.

Fact:Heat is the primary reason for battery failures in vehicles. Improper maintenance of your batter would also reduce battery life.

Check your tires:

Tire pressure is important at all times and maintaining the right tire pressure in the summer is even more important. The heat on the roads makes the tire to be soft and more prone to erosion. The temperature of the roads during Florida’s summer months could easily melt your tire and run flat in quick time. Maintaining the ideal tire pressure will keep on the right regions of the tire on the road increasing your tire’s longevity. Over inflating the tire will also put you at risk. Florida is also known for its torrential summer rains, you don’t want to have a skidding car with over inflated tires when it rains.


Replacing wipers don’t cost you much it is good to replace wipers at least twice every year. In the summers the roads can get dusty because of the dryness this could easily scratch your windshield even if it is parked. Bad wipers could cause this dust to scratch your windshield leading to unwanted expenses. It is also important to keep wiper cleaning fluids filled while going on long drives and road trips. Cleaning your windshield when necessary ensures clear vision and safety.

Pro Tip: Use sun shades while your car in parked on the outside. It has dual benefits. It keeps your interior cool and also prevents the colors in your dashboard and interior from fading in the sunlight.

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